Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Reading

I've been in sort of a gloom about taking pictures of my outfits. I think it's the beating sun and oppressive heat that takes all inspiration to dress well. I tend to be nocturnal in the summer which is bad for taking photos. When my fashion inspiration dims I often look in other directions for a break. What better way to take the edge off than with reading. I keep pouring through the book sections for hidden treasures. Here are a few highlights from this summer thrifting. Andrew Wyeth's “Christina's World”, John Singer Sargent Art book, The king with six friend's, The wizard by Gene Wolfe, Merrick by Anne Rice, and Voltaire.


  1. These are some amazing finds! I have looked for "Christina's World" since first sight when I was fourteen years or so, now um... eighteen years later I finally settled on another Andrew Wyeth book "Memory and Magic" but it's not as good, not as in depth as the other. You are lucky! And the rest as well, excellent finds!!

  2. I know! I couldn't believe it was in a thrift store. Andrew Wyeth has definitely been a source of inspiration.