Thursday, August 28, 2008

August finds cont...

There seems to be a serious drought in clothes lately. Maybe I'm becoming too discerning about what I buy. Well even though I don't have much to show, there have been some highlights to Augusts shopping. For instance Lanvin patent flats! I'm so amazed at what I find and so wish they were in my size. It makes it hard to ever buy retail. This is the reason I don't shop at corporate places and just stick to searching for treasures. Here are a few pieces for my fall auctions. The belt and necklace are so awesome, I must keep them!

Suede Slouch boots, Black leather slouch boots
Tory Burch Patent flats, Lanvin square toe ballet hiver 2007 flats

Fall shoes, Black fluttery romper, Black Lace rose suspenders, Leather metal belt, Medieval silver necklace


  1. again, wow, nice pile of finds. i love the belt.

  2. OMG! that belt is my favorite thing in the world right now! I will post some wardrobe photos later this week, I've been wearing it with super long black dresses....Expect to see that belt glued to me all