Friday, August 1, 2008

Heavy Metal Mania!

So I've been feeling the metal T shirts for quite some time now. I especially love the gruesome illustrations and toughness they add to a outfit. Here is my small collection of shirts dating from 81 – 92. All were won on Ebay with the exception of the “Overkill” shirt ( that was thrifted). I got super lucky winning some of these at reasonable prices. Every time I seek out a Testament shirt it ends up going for 50 and up! All shirts are actual bands I love, so enjoy!


  1. wow. i am ENVIOUS of your collection! i need more metal t's and i really like mercenary t's too.

  2. That is a really awesome design! I love how you styled it. That's the challenging thing with these shirts. Especially when I don't wear jeans to often.