Friday, October 26, 2012

Colour of Moonlight

-The half moon glows in fiery skies tonight-

 I'm more than welcoming of the recent fall weather. 
I've been collecting pieces all summer just waiting to break them out. 
 I recently found this amazing silk skirt, it feels like a billowing cloud.
My new velvet red slippers are a real treat as well.
 How I wish the vintage sweater said Lidia. 
I just love the cursive stitching. 
Guess I'll just have to be Jane for a day.

Black quilted velvet bolero
Vintage slip tank
Dyed silk bubble skirt
Sun necklace
Patent Givenchy platforms

Listening to: Grimes - Visions
1. Blurred luna 
2. moi
3."Jane" lettered sweater, Stubb and Wootton red velvet slippers
6. Heaven

All photos by Lidia Luna