Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Face in the sky

I got some much anticipated packages this weekend. A vintage Testament "Souls of Black" shirt from ebay and Zipper biker boots from La Garconne. My best friend bought a pair of F-Troupe booties and swears they are the most comfortable things ever. So soft and plush to walk in indeed.....

The clouds were incredible on Saturday. So much that I ran out to photograph with wet hair and now have the plague :(


  1. the shoes are gorgeous!
    what a dramatic&beautiful sky!

  2. the photograph is damn worth a plague! Well, still feel bad for you :( Get better!! Great shoooes btw, you find the best shoes eva.

  3. wow, the new header is so beautiful. fantastic drama-sky-pictures.

    Love those boots. it's so freezing cold in germany, i need something like these shoes on my feet to get warm...

  4. i immediately noticed your new banner photo, and though how pretty, I wonder where that was?

    Packages are the best! I'm curious to see how the boots are on :)

  5. awesome photo of the clouds! get well soon!!

  6. what a package and can not wait to see you rock those pieces!!!

    and, talking about "sacrificing for art" ... the picture is indeed worthy it!

    have a wonderful week, xx

  7. i have to comment on the sky pic too, it's incredible. i have to go and click on that boot link now. danger!