Friday, January 1, 2010

Angel of Death

All I have to say is thank god it's over. I feel like I've been sucked through a vacuum the last few months. I welcome 2010 with open arms. I turned to Givenchy for some new years outfit inspiration. I found this cool as hell pyramid spike for my hair, love it! This is last nights outfit....

Gold Studded dress - Thrifted
Wolford Tights - Saks
Gold pyramid spike - Thrifted
Givenchy wedges - Yoox

Listening to: Slayer - Reign In Blood


  1. Your dress is such an insane score!

  2. WOW! The dress reminds me of Givenchy collection! :-)

    Happy New Year!

    P.S.: ♥Fresh start of 2010? Oh yeah, don't forget to join the Curious Sparrow giveaway!♥

    Good luck!


  3. Happy happy New Year Lidia, nothing like an awesome dress like that to welcome a fresh start, hope 2010 will be a blast for you. I think 2009 was a wtf year for most all of us.

  4. You look amazing. Love the hair spike, fills my head with loads of DIY inspiration. Nice to see you back.

  5. O M freakin G
    i adore that dress! me want it! :D

  6. Omg you always find the raddest thrifted items!! so jealous! any tips for us less-experienced thrifters?

  7. hiya!!! i saw this on flickr - and it looked really good!!! btw: i love your illustartion - you should do more post of them :-)


  8. Thank you UnoCosa! Your images are amazing. I love the blog, stunning! Posting more sketches and illustration is definitely in the works :)

  9. oh that is so you! You've got me craving black hair again....

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