Sunday, August 2, 2009

The ripper

Friday night's Whitesnake Judas Priest concert!
Me and my good friend Regan posing in front of someones huge truck...All liquored up and ready for the show....

DIY Acid wash fringed shirt - Thrifted T shirt
DIY Black fringed dress top - Thrifted T shirt
Side stripe Leggings - Thrifted dead stock
Harness ankle boots - Thrifted
Zipper leather jacket - Thrifted
Black sheer top - Thrifted

David Coverdale was freaking amazing! I was a bit overzealous and scared the people seated around us. BTW, I hate stadium seating...It sucks!

Rob Halford is indeed a metal god! He had the most fantastic studded outfits...

Leather studded trench anyone??

He also had the most fab studded leather coat with fringed beaded sleeves! I couldn't get a good picture as I was flailing all over the place by this point.

I love the other band members red leather pants and studs galore......

No words can describe the cheer joy of seeing this live!

So awesome!!!!!!!!!

This was seriously the best concert ever. They played all of British Steel and ton of songs from Sad wings of Destiny.


  1. Aww man his getup sounds awesome. You got some great pics! Thank you so much for your sweet comment :) xx

  2. you and your friend are gorgeous! and the show looks like a good time too!

  3. You two are two of my style icons, so impeccable! I love this.

  4. that's great. sounds like an awesome show. you guys look really good and your thrifting skills are enviable!

  5. omg! omg! i am so JEALOUS! you two look so great and i love judas priest. damn. and nice concert photos. serious guitar action.

  6. It was sooo awesome! Thanks everyone!