Monday, August 10, 2009

Peachy Keen

I really love what I'm seeing in the Bibi Ghost SS 10 collection. Frothy sherbet tones with dark accents. Lucky for me I had this peach strap buckle dress tucked away in my closet.

Peach Buckle strap dress - Thrifted
Navy danskin leggings - Thrifted
Black band leather belt - Thrifted
Black Clog wedges - Thrifted
Buckle straps - From thrifted boots

Listening to: Gossip - Music for men


  1. I love Ur nude pink dress! Fab!


  2. i LOVE peach miss luna... i'm even more in love with that amazing thick peach cotton from the 80's. HOT.

  3. Pairing peach with black definitely seems to make it easier to pull off against a wider range of skin tones than just on its own. That collection looks really cool

  4. wow, i wish i could find one of those in the back of my closet. nice!