Friday, May 1, 2009

Pixie treat!

I got a pleasant surprise today. I was in great need of a flat sandal after the insane heat wave that hit California a few weeks ago. It made me realize how annoyingly hot and miserable your feet get.

I searched around and fell in love with these Ann Demeulemeester flat lace up ones. But at 675.00 it's impossible to consider for a sandal.

Image from

So imagine my delight when I found the Max sandal on Pixie Market.

Image from Pixie

They are beyond perfect and super comfortable. Unfortunately it's raining today, crazy weather! Be sure to check out Pixie Market's online shop.


  1. yah, hot weather and certain shoes dont mix. stupid me was wearing closed toe heels in the heat. not a good idea.

    those sandals look cool! great that they're comfortable. and for that price you cant argue with that!

  2. It went from 60's to 100 in one day! I was so moody and hot. I was on a trip and all my clothes were definitely not for 100 degree weather.

  3. Haha! Ann D. copies are really coool!