Friday, April 24, 2009

Sneaky snake....

I got my perfect spring shoe almost a month ago. I first saw these in my ELLE collections S/S 07 issue. There they were in white with striped stockings in full strap buckle platform glory.

Of course I forgot they existed until I spotted them on the gorgeous Jane from Sea of shoes. Even then I couldn't find them on Yoox ( I searched daily!). Then Kingdom of style's Queen Michelle posted her white version and mentioned getting them on there as well. I thought well, lets check again. There they were in my size! It was so meant to be. Sure, it will take me a few months to pay them off but whatever they are sick! I didn't have time to properly introduce them due to all my recent trips. So here they are paired up with last months DIY shredded T.

Black leather jacket - Thrifted
Black DIY "Raquel allegra" shredded T
Black leggings
Givenchy platforms - Yoox
Vintage Cross Necklace - Thrifted
Vintage Bracelets - Thrifted


  1. oh those are beautiful! and i love your take on the shredded t-shirt!

  2. Great buy Honey! :) I totally love this outfit... Cool leather jacket, leggings and of course Givenchy wedges!



  3. You've been hiding those wonders from us for a whole month? tut, tut, tut. They are AMAZING, and perfect with the shredded tee.

  4. Ooh, your shirt and shoes are beautiful!

  5. oooh my can't believe you got them, they look amazing on you, very befitting your fierceness :D