Monday, March 9, 2009

In the still of the night...

I found this shirt a long time ago. I new it needed something but wasn't quite sure until now.

DIY fringed Tie dye shirt
Black zipper leather jacket
Danskin leggings
OTK Suede boots
Cloud ring
Black mini dress


  1. nice again! i found a big white and pink sort of tie dye acid wash t-shirt. it mostly white with smudges of pink. and i think i will attack it sort of like you did.

  2. You are an artist with a pair of scissors-- this shirt is utterly transformed! :~)

  3. Swan: That sounds like it needs to be fringed!

    ZombieLace: Thank you! I love the print but it was awkwardly oversized. It needed some shaping lol.