Monday, February 9, 2009


I must have some powerful visualization techniques since I basically found all my desired winter garb this weekend...I found these incredible triple strap buckle zipper Japanese shoes and hooded zipper over coat! They go perfectly with my DIY shredded T. I followed the instructions of the lovely Camille from Childhood Flames. Check back for other phenomenal finds to go up Wednesday.

DKNY Wool zipper hoodie - Thrifted
UNBILICAL Buckle strap booties- Thrifted
DIY shredded T - Thrifted
Cheap Monday jeans - Anica Boutique
Necklaces - Thrifted


  1. Ur outfit is stylish and little bit crazy, but I adore it! ;)

    xoxo: Janet

  2. Your photos have so much atmosphere in them, love! That's some good shredding~

  3. Thank you so much Shini. I adore your blog!