Monday, February 23, 2009

Japantown weekend

So I had an amazing weekend full of sea animals, whiskey, Japanese food and some Alexander Wang. I wish I could post my outfit with those sick ass heels but let's face it I didn't buy them. Maybe if they were marked down 50%, 60%? It's not that they aren't extraordinary. To be quite honest it was my feet that betrayed my Wang dreams. I run a lot and have thee most horrible flat feet that shouldn't be expose to the light of day. They were quite incredible, so comfortable and easy to walk in. I'm so in if he makes a close toe version for winter! I roared off back to my hotel threw on my Stella's, had cocktails and told them how much I love them....

California Academy of Sciences



Living Roof


  1. you look great! those fishies are beautiful. and it's so amazing how good the right pair of shoes can make you feel. i'm still loving those stellas too!

  2. Thank you! They are wonderful :)