Friday, September 11, 2009

Self control

I'm not sure if it was that gorgeous dress by Tara of SWANclothing. But I've surely been seeking leopard print pieces lately. I love this one in particular for the lightness of fabric and pointed details. On another note my hair seems out of control. I always get to this point were I consider hacking it off, growing out the bangs, getting a bob. Just look how long it's getting!

Leopard print shirt - Thrifted
Side stripe leggings - Thrifted
Lace top - Thrifted
Bracelets & necklaces - Thrifted
Underground western buckle shoes- Pixie Market

Listening to: Laura Branigan - Self Control


  1. oh these boots!! love it! and love the leopard shirt...


  2. grow your hair! even just for a while longer. you can always cut it. long can be fun for photos. my hairdresser went to town on my hair and i have 2/3 less hair! i almost died. i cried for a day. my god!

    anyway. leopard ya, it sneaks up on you :) i'm glad my dress influenced you :)

  3. Hi, at first congratulation for your blog, very interresting and inspiring.
    I have a question about your stella macCartney shoes, I'm going to buy Stella's shoes at Yoox (not exatly the same model as you) but I want to know if they fit confortable and easy to walk. I read somewhere that they fits small, is it true?

    Thanks you and hope you keep stylish and inspiring

  4. Thank you celine!

    They are pretty comfortable if you size up. I wear a 9-9.5 but ordered a 10. So they do run a bit small. I also have flat feet so the sizing up helped with that. The pump version is way more narrow than the boots. I tried them on at Barneys prior to ordering the boots. Hope this helps! I love them them so much. I've been eyeballing the other ankle version too :)