Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Lots of gold and black velvet in Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy Haute Couture collection. I found this jacket a few days back. Here is a little tribute to Riccardo Tisci's vision. I'm really tempted to add some gold pyramid spikes....

You need some spike embellishment...

I got these amazing leggings and lattice romper a few weeks back...

This gold sheer drape coat was today's find.

Black Crossed lattice romper - Thrifted
Sequin velvet jacket - Thrifted
Sheer gold drape jacket - Thrifted
Black Fringe Scarf - Thrifted
Side stripe Leggings - Thrifted dead stock
Stella McCartney wooden wedge boots - Intermix

Listening to : Alif Tree - French Cuisine


  1. Your outfits are amazing!! And your illustration is so very awesome!! You are extremely talented!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

  2. OH YEAH! If you can find some of those super big and chunky pyramid studs, I say go for it!!!! It would be so over the top awesome! It looks amazing as is... but that would take it to the next level!
    That lattice top romper is pretty perfect too. I think I'd be wearing it non stop!

  3. Hi there! Great purchases! Nice blog.

  4. Love your jacket and that sketch is divine. Pyramid studs would be faaancy! x

  5. Beautiful illustration! .. and amazing clothes!!!! WOWWW..


  6. Your jackets... i neeeeed them...
    You can draw so well! Please do more!

  7. YES! GO FOR THE SPIKES. I loved that collection- Joe Y. from LS