Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer nights

I've been so caught up on a huge illustration project there's been no time to post outfit photos. Here's some of the goodies I acquired for myself on this weeks scattered thrift shopping.

Finally a dress I don't have to think about just wear and go....

Easy slip on Clog wedges!

Yes ladies that's a freaking light bolt swimsuit!

My wrist are having a hell of a time this season with all this metal....

That chain/leather charm bracelet is the best!

And what summer outfit is complete without a acid wash denim bag.

All I can say is I'm set for the summer nights ahead.....


  1. I love those corg. so comfy!


  2. amazing finds! that bathing suit is killer! <3

  3. is that a van halen denim bag??! omg.

  4. omg! your swim suit - wow wow!

  5. that lightning bolt bathing suit is so damn cool. loving the denim bag and all the metals, you seriously find the best things...any chance you'll sell them through your shop ;)? hehe

  6. loving all of the bangels and bracelets!

  7. lightening bolt swimsuit! eep!

  8. i have the same brand bag. found it on etsy-

    i think it's a fake sergio valente. it saysbrans "Sasha". so weird and amazing.

    nice finds!