Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shield me from the cold...

The hooded cloak has dominated my mind all winter. A secret dark void to shield from the harsh cold. I've been dreaming about the druid hood shape in particular. I first saw it in some drawings by Goya and thought what a wonderfully creepy look. Daniel Palillo and Olmar and Mirta are the closet things to what I want. Unfortunately I was outbid on the Olmar and Mirta. I have no idea were to find their garments other than what they do for Rick Owens. So how happy was I to find this amazing plaid mohair wool cape! My desire is quenched for now. Here are a few covet worthy contenders.

Daniel Palillo - Pyramid Hoodie

Lindsey Thornburg Cloaks

Belle Sauvage UK

La Meow Vintage


Plaid Mohair Wool Cape - Thrifted

Danskin leggings - Thrifted

Black long sleeve mini dress - Thrifted

Stella McCartney boots - Intermix


  1. omg, all those capes are amazing, we should do the photo shoot soon :)

  2. Absolutely...Before the winter is gone!

  3. I love the cloaks, they always end up selling for sooo much on ebay!

  4. Hi,

    WOW! I love those tartan capes...

    xoxo: Janet

  5. They really do! I missed out on a red plaid one like the white one in my photo :( It was at a strange hour and only sold for 20.00

    They are fantastic!

  6. those are amazing! i just saw a fantastic cape in Topshop and i'm dying to get it!


  7. omg your boots


  8. i always though the siths in star wars had the best clothes...
    so yah i think capes are cool.
    that studded version is pretty cool. i think you could buy a simple one and stud it yourself :)

  9. Thank you V!

    -h of candid cool:
    Absolutely! I constantly drool at Iain McCaig's Character designs for SW. I'm teaching myself to sew. I think a cape would be a good starting point!

  10. wow wow wow i'm in LOVE with the cloak! stunning :)