Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Meet Goliath...

That's what I named the new edition to my wardrobe. I have a huge weakness for wood/metal accessories. So when I saw the Stella McCartney fall/winter 08 collection I was enraptured. I seriously stalked these beauties everyday until they were somewhat feasible. Even then I waited for some miracle coupon to pop up and then a 20% off one arrived in my email. I new they were destined to be mine! I haven't bought brand new shoes in ages. I find amazing pairs for less then 10 dollars. So what prompted me to dish out such huge cash on these? Well I really fell in love with the design. I mean wood, metal on a sleek ankle boot wedge!!!

It kind of has a Ayami Kojima Castlevania/Amano Vampire Hunter D feel that I love.

It's not such a mainstream design that lower end brands will copy. In the end it just fits my style :)

Vintage Red Velvet Coat - Thrifted
70's Lanvin dress - Thrifted
Creature hat - Thrifted
Brown leather gloves - Thrifted
Stella McCartney boots - Intermix

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Gorgeous boots! I don't blame you a bit for the splurge. You'll get a lot of wear out of them. The rest of your look is completely stunning as well.

  2. sometimes we all have to indulge! amazing that you are able to acquire such a coveted item! you look amazing!

  3. my goodness! there is no question why you bought those boots, every penny was worth just me fawning over them! hahaha!

  4. It's me mier. The fashion equivalent to your retarded and lame family shame that's kept in the room furthest down the hall whom no one speaks about. I love Goliath. Very very clever of you to find boots that look like they were feet,cut off some alien specie, and gutted to be worn. How fun.

  5. lol...I thought...My god is there a girl named mierda?? They will stomp you....

  6. omg omg you got them!!!! those are my favourites of this year! maybe i should have tried harder to get them. they suit all your ourfits. i've been working backwards through your blog and you look really great.

    now i have my eye on some platform fluevogs. grrrr :)